Sunday, August 3, 2008

How About "GO USA!"

Call me old fashioned but what ever happened to the days where Americans and American companies actually rooted for America in the Olympics?

Well apparently Visa thought it is much more appropriate to just root for the whole world instead. Visa, which is a major sponser of the 2008 Olympics has adopted the slogan "Go World". They even have commercials and a website proudly displaying it. Now I'm not saying they have to root against other countries but could they at least root for their own first. What ever happened to national pride and sense of American greatness.

And when I really get to think about it there are some parts of the world that I don't want to win and will be rooting against. I will be rooting against China, because they are a communist nation which tramples on their own peoples rights and practices infanticide. I will be rooting against Venezuela because of it's blowhard dicatator who called my President the Devil with a stupid grin on his face. And I will be rooting really hard against Iran, so that the disturbed little man who wants to destroy Isreal doesn't get to cheer once.

Now I will probably root for a forigner who has a good personal story, or for countries like Israel, Austrailia, and Great Britian but only if America is knocked out of that specific event already. Whats the point of going there and representing different countries if we are all supposed to root for everyone regardless of their country. Maybe we should just dump the Red White and Blue and wear a more inclusive world logo on our chest.

Throughout all of the great American moments in Olympic history I can't imagine us using this logic. It would have been unreal if when watching the 1980 games when the U.S. upset the Russians during the Cold War, that fellow Americans were sitting around their televisions saying "Hey If the Russians win that would be fine, Go World!"

This kind of "America is no better than the rest of the world attitude" relished by liberals but this will be one American yelling "Go USA".

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StormWarning said...

Me thinks you take advertising too seriously and too literally.